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Frank Limpus

Frank Limpus, Principal, Limpus Communications

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  • Tell me a little about your business.

Limpus Communications is a marketing communications consultancy that helps companies, organizations and individuals better communicate about themselves, their products, their service services and their ideas… to drive more business.  For example, this could be anything from external PR surrounding the launch of a new product to internal communications helping employees better understand upcoming benefits changes or re-branding the company for better positioning.  Clients have included companies in healthcare, banking, financial services, automotive, consumer products, professional services, market research, to name a few.


  • When did you open here or relocate to Williamson County?

We opened here in 2007.


  • Why did you pick Williamson County?

Its where my family and I live… and have lived since 1998.  And that’s for the second time…  I lived in Franklin once before from 1983-1986.  We came back here for the schools and the quality of life.


  • What have been the strengths of operating out of Williamson County?

From a business perspective, I’ve found the general business-friendly atmosphere, low taxes and the appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit to be three of Williamson County’s best business attributes.  If you add in the personal benefits, such as schools and general quality of life, there’s an even stronger case for working in Williamson County.


  • Do you see the entrepreneur culture growing here?

Yes, it will grow as long as all of us work to maintain the current environment and attitude toward business.


  • What inspired you to start the company?

I once had a mentor tell me to “do what you’ve never done before” when looking for my next challenge.  I had worked in the “field” as a PR director in a university medical center, then worked in a corporate setting at HCA, then in a PR agency in Nashville, then I drove internal communications for five years in another global corporation.  At that time, the one thing I had yet to do was work for myself, which seemed like a natural next step.


  • How many people were involved at the beginning, and what were their roles?

One… me.  And I did/do everything to get and keep things up and running.


  • What was the biggest challenge to getting started?

Building the client base.  But that’s where networking — connecting with other business professionals to help each other — came in.  Every piece of business I’ve had, every project I’ve done, has been the result of networking.


  • How did you overcome that challenge?

Networking was the biggest tool, and that’s where the Chamber has been exceptionally helpful, providing opportunities to connect via all types of meetings, networking, speaking, and volunteering.  But since word-of-mouth can be incredibly powerful in attracting more business, delivering solid results has been critical to growth.


  • What have been the challenges or obstacles to growing and achieving your long-term goals?

The economic downturn has been the largest challenge, affecting consultants like myself and reducing opportunities.  But it has only delayed — not canceled — some of my long-term goals.


  • How are you addressing those?

Networking… pure and simple.


  • How many employees do you have today, and how has your company structure changed?

There’s still only one employee, but that’s by design.  The nice thing, though, is that I have a number of professionals who have the talents I need — designers, videographers, copywriters, researchers, media buyers, other strategists — whom I can call into a project to get the work done. Additionally, because of cost pressures in the marketplace and the availability of technology making collaboration exceptionally easy, I’m seeing my arrangement becoming more of a prevailing business model.  I’ve won business using my model against much larger communications agencies.


  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a business or is just getting started?

Get ready to give it your all.  There will be hard work, long hours, lots of sweat and sacrifice to make the entrepreneurial thing work.  But there’s tons of satisfaction!


  • What surprised you about this path you’ve taken?

While I had a few doubts — every entrepreneur and business owner has them — I’ve loved all I’ve been able to accomplish in seven short years.


  • What gives you the most satisfaction related to this work?

The achievements I’ve realized for clients.  I think that really rang true the day I had four media placements for clients — in the Tennessean, the Nashville Business Journal, in a national healthcare trade magazine and in a global B-to-B publication — all in the same day.


  • What has been your experience of doing business in Williamson County? 

Very positive.  I really appreciate living and working here.


  • How does the future look?  What’s ahead?

I’m optimistic and in a good growth mode.


  • Anything else you’d like to share?   

Sure.  If folks are struggling with business problems, many times issues comes down to improving communications with any number of audiences..  If someone would like to explore the challenge they’re facing, they can always reach out to me via www.limpuscommunications.com.   We can start the process over a cup of coffee one morning.  Did I tell you I like to network?

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