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Williamson County, in partnership with the State of Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley Authority, offers incentives for qualifying existing or new companies on a case-by-case basis. Incentive packages have been offered through a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) program to a number of companies that have relocated operations, including Nissan Americas, Community Health Systems, Healthways, and Jackson National Life Insurance Company. Williamson County structures incentive packages creatively and meaningfully to meet the individual needs of a company while protecting the taxpayers of Williamson County.


As one of two Aaa rated counties in Tennessee and a property tax rate of $2.22 per $100 of assessed value (one of the lowest in the Nashville region), Williamson County is committed to maintaining low taxes. This is an incentive every company gets to enjoy in Williamson County and leads to long-term costs savings for companies and their employees who choose to reside here.


For information regarding local property taxes, please visit the Williamson County Trustee’s office online.


Visit the Tennessee Department of Revenue site to find out about taxes, E-File and online services, business taxes, vehicle taxes, and more.


Williamson County PILOT Program

Williamson County offers a Payment in Lieu of Tax (PILOT) program which could qualify industries for tax breaks in lieu of ad valorem taxes. Terms are decided by the Industrial Development Board of Williamson County (IDBWC) based on the industry’s economic needs and considerations. Some determining factors of the PILOT Program are listed below. Additional requirements are available through the Economic Development Office .

The current administration’s policy is to preserve and protect the county’s property tax base earmarked for public education. These taxes are not a part of the PILOT agreement.

To Qualify:
The industry must be a lessee of the IDBWC,

The industry must receive final approval from the County Commission, and

The industry must be approved by the IDBWC based on a number of subjective considerations including, but not limited to:

  • the quality of jobs created
  • the education level of jobs created
  • the salary of jobs created
  • the impact of the industry on the environment
  • the eventual impact of the industry on local tax revenues
  • the capital investment that the industry will bring to the community
  • the effect of the industry on the strategic planning of the community
  • the impact of the industry on existing business
  • the financial strength and stability of the industry
  • the impact of the industry on local property values
  • the impact of the industry on local infrastructure
  • the number of jobs created
  • the impact on the character of the community
  • whether the industry is new or an expansion of an existing business

Development/Infrastructure Cost Assistance
Williamson County will explore the possibility of identifying site specific infrastructure development to offset development costs and/or participate in pursuing a State of Tennessee FastTrack Infrastructure Development Program.

Concierge Permitting
A dedicated staff member from the local codes department could be assigned to expedite zoning (if a change is necessary), permitting, and construction.

Customized Training
Williamson County and the Columbia State Community College Office of Economic Workforce Development will work with individual businesses to customize on-site or off-site training to meet specific workforce needs.

Joint Media Announcements
Williamson County will work with existing or new companies to announce expansion or relocation plans to generate positive press for a company and potential applicants to fill those positions.


Competitive Tax Incentives make Tennessee a smart decision for doing business. Tennessee has long been considered a state with one of the most business-friendly economic climates in the nation with one of the nation’s lowest per capita tax burdens, no tax on personal income and no state property tax.

The Tennessee State Department of Economic and Community Development (TNECD) offers a variety of incentive  packages to new and expanding businesses in Tennessee. To get a PDF of the Tennessee Incentives Fact Sheet click here.

Some incentives include:

  • The Jobs Tax Credit allows qualified businesses a credit against franchise and excise taxes based on capital investment and number of jobs created.

  • The Headquarters Tax Credit offers tax credits to businesses that relocate corporate headquarters to Tennessee based on relocation and construction costs.

  • Fast Track Jobs Training and Fast Track Infrastructure Development assist companies in training new employees and assisting communities in the development of public infrastructure.

  • Businesses who make capital investments and create jobs in economically-distressed counties may be eligible for a franchise and excise tax credit in addition to those otherwise offered to businesses.

Learn more at TNECD.

The Secretary of State also provides services for new companies, including processing and filing corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership and certain general partnership documents.


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