COVID-19 vaccines are now widely available. Here are a few ways business leaders like you can encourage vaccination of your workforce and health plan members:


  1. For businesses with 30 or more employees and/or adult dependents to be vaccinated, Vanderbilt Health can work with you to host an on-site vaccination event. With on-site vaccination, Vanderbilt Health will contract with you to cover costs associated with administering the vaccine and producing the event. Businesses interested in on-site vaccination can complete this brief form to receive more detailed information.


  1. For smaller businesses, encourage your employees and their family members ages 16 or older to schedule individual appointments with this easy, online link from Vanderbilt Health. We bill insurance for a small fee to help cover costs of giving the shot, but you won’t get a bill, even if you don’t have insurance.


Additionally, here’s some helpful information from Vanderbilt Health business leaders like you can share to increase “vaccine readiness” among your employees. This information will help ensure that, when the vaccine is available, as many people as possible are confident in getting it, and thus are “vaccine ready.”


  • Our new Employer Hub links you to a wealth of information that is accurate, understandable and easily shared with your employees and their families. On the Hub, you’ll find helpful videos, as well as answers to more than 100 commonly asked questions about COVID-19 and the vaccines.
  • Vanderbilt Health recently launched a public health campaign to help boost vaccine confidence. An inspiring video as well as a link to schedule a vaccine appointment from Vanderbilt Health or anywhere else can be found at
  • And if that’s not enough, our beloved Dolly Parton is also using her influence to support vaccination, and we’re encouraging people to Take it from Dolly in a new public service announcement.